Bio & contact

Laura Pentzin is a multi-artist who expresses herself via dance, abstract art and costumes.

She uses 'Vedic art method' in her painting and enjoys using recycled materials across all of her work, including her costumes and headdresses. In her paintings she mixes paint on canvas with sand, seeds, beads  and various fabrics such as tulle, denim and lace.

Around 2014 she began using improvisation across all of her work. This allowed her to explore new unique movements and expressions in her performances, dance styles and choreography. It also allowed her to experiment with 'flow' in her artwork.

Work experience

6/2021 "Cherie"-alter ego dance performance, Aino Ackte Park, Helsinki

9/2020 Nexus Dancers, "Nexus Circus" (chor. /dancer), Music Theater Kapsäkki, Hki

11/2020- Youth Club Katrilli,dance teacher (broadway styles, jazz), Cultural Centre Sähinä, Hki

1/2020- Helsinki Communal Collage, dance teacher (neoclassical ballet), Hki

12/2019 "Start Up Circus"-event, Tangojazz performance, The Circus, Hki

7-8/2019 Nexus Dancers, "Cabaree", Apollo Live Club,Hki

12/2018 “Start Up-Circus”-event, “Peacock” performance, Design Factory, Espoo

11/2018 “Entropy”, opening ceremony, “Urban Fairy” performance, Cirko, Hki

10/2018 “Augmenting Reality”-exhibition, opening event, “ Urban Fairy”, Art Society Soho Helsinki, Culture Factory Korjaamo, Hki

8-10/2018 “Urban Fairytale”, short dance film (directing, performance), Hki

9/2018 “FUSION IV” performance “Electric Girl”(chor. & performance) at Candid Arts Trust, London

11/2017 & 2/2018,”Magic forest”-performance, "Peacock", Art Society Soho Helsinki, Cultural factory Korjaamo,Hki

8 & 11/2017, 2/2018, “Gallery of slow dreams,”"Peacock", Theater Quo Vadis, Hki, Loppi

2017/4 “Kykenemättömät”, dance, pair acro, Helsingin kellariteatteri,Helsinki

2017/6, “Wedding gig”-ballet performance, choreography & dance, Villa Puotila,Hki

2017- Helsinki Dance Institute : teacher (ballet, jazz dance, show jazz,)

2017- 2019 Omnia vocational adult education center : teacher (ballet, floor barre, ladies jazz)

2017  Finnish adult education center : teacher (ballet), Helsinki

2017 Dance Institute of Vantaa : teacher (ballet)

2017 Adult center of Vantaa : teacher (balletone)

2016-2018 Freelance gigs with Mikko Heikinpoika, "Juurisähkö", Jukka Pekka Heikkilä (Aalto),Maija Rissanen, Aleksi Parviainen, Marko Tanninen, Carrick Knowe, Don Kong,Gabriele Goria &' Bambu' Vandenberghe, Helsinki

11/2016 & 11/2017 ”Classical Rave”-event : dancer, chor, Villa Hakasalmi, Helsinki

2015-2018 dance performances, nursing home, Merenpisara, Hki

2014-2017 Nexus Extreme performing arts group : dancer, choreographer, producer ( show dance, danve improvisation, ballet & pas de deux, historical dance, flamenco,

Summer Sound festival, WKND Festival, "Dj Orkidea & Friends on Tour", Waterland, Hype Club Reunion, Pussy eu de Club, Finland

2014- 2015 IEC Dance Ensemble : dancer (ballet), Helsinki

2010-2011 Little Ballet of Finland/PJL-8 org. : dancer, assisting producer, marketing, Helsinki