Laura Pentzin has a long career in various dance styles including ballet, contemporary, jazz and showdance.

She has been working in theater and freelance field from the nineties.


In the past few years she has been teaching full time ballet, neoclassical ballet, jazz, show-dance and lyrical jazz in 'The Helsinki Dance Institute', Omnia Communal college of Espoo and Helsinki Communal Collage. She is giving short courses in broadway styles, floor barre, showjazz and ballet.


Her recent collaborations as a choreographer and dancer have been with Theater Quo Vadis and Aalto University.


Since 2014 she has been working for 'nexus extreme', a performing arts group, and was a featured dancer at EDM festivals; ‘WKND’,’Summer Sound' and ‘Waterland' for Dj Orkidea, Darude and Infected Mushroom among other world famous Djs. And perfomed in venues such as Apollo Live Club, Fair Center, Villa Hakasalmi and Y31.